Client Testimonials

“ Tom works with each trainee on a one on one basis. He also inspires confidence and inspiration in each session and always ends the day with a smile. Tom always gets to know each trainee on a personal basis and you’re left with a feeling of someone who generally cares about your physical and well-being. Whether you are looking for a new workout or a way to treat past injuries or irritations, Stability Fitness is the place to go.”

Mason, Mount Vernon, Ohio

“ I went to Tom after experiencing hip pain went swimming. I know a lot of people he helped, but didn’t know what to expect. Tom is extremely knowledgeable and puts a lot of effort into any problem you may have. I am happy to say that I have been able to swim pain-free this summer after working with him for four months. I highly recommend investing time in money with Tom to help insure your strong and mobile future!”

Victoria, Mount Vernon, Ohio

“ Tom keeps me on my feet. I’m a senior and for years Tom has tailored procedures and exercises to meet my needs. I don’t know where I’d be without him.”

Judy, Gambier, Ohio

“ I am very pleased at the progress I have made strengthening my back and upper body and in improving my balance. Tom chooses interesting exercises, fosters a positive environment, and gives helpful feedback. Sessions seem to fly by!”

Linda, Gambier, Ohio

“ Coming to stability fitness has been one of the most important decisions I have ever made. Tom has absolutely changed my life, not only do I look better but I also feel so much better about myself. Thom is very adaptable to injuries and knows how to strengthen and repair them in a safe controlled environment. He’s taught me so much more than just how to properly exercise. I can’t wait for the next workout!”

Colter, Mount Vernon, Ohio

“ I have multiple health issues stemming from an auto immune disease in the lupus family. I am also recovering from two surgeries due to a broken ankle. Tom is addressing these issues through many different techniques. With his assistance I am feeling better every day.”

Mary, Mount Vernon, Ohio

“ Tom‘s knowledge about how to relieve aches and pains from stress we put on our bodies is very important to becoming stronger. I have scoliosis and Tom takes this into account in my workouts. I appreciate the one on one attention.”

Amy, Mount Vernon, Ohio

“ Tom identified my exercise needs and developed an individualized exercise program for me that is varied, safe, and fun. My energy levels are higher and I look forward to the next workout!”

Jeanette, Seminole, Florida (formerly from

Gambier, Ohio)