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Since 2003 I’ve been dedicated to helping clients

achieve balanced individualized fitness programs.

Whether you want to begin an exercise program or are already working out, I can help you with any goal you want to achieve.

I am experienced, educated, dedicated, and motivated to help you FEEL BETTER and live a more healthy life!

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Masters degree in Exercise Physiology 1994

Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist ACSM

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist NSCA

Certified Personal Trainer American Council on Exercise

Certified Health Coach American Council on Exercise

Over 30 years experience in personal training, medical fitness, cardiopulmonary rehab, wellness, sports, and general fitness.

Yearly ongoing continuing education.

Personal Training has evolved into more than just leading an exercise routine. Muscle imbalances around the joints of the body can lead to inefficient muscle contractions and eventually injury. For example, a lot of folks have tight and overactive muscles on the front of the thigh (quads & hip flexors) which can neurologically inhibit the contraction of the muscles on the posterior side of the thigh (glutes & hamstrings). If left unaltered this can lead to musculoskeletal problems in the future because of the imbalance pull of the muscles around the joints. I will constantly make adjustments to your workout to create an effective plan to avoid these imbalances and keep your body working efficiently.

It starts with A Fitness Assessment including health history, flexibility, mobility, posture, and “core activation.” Then we make realistic goals.

60 Minutes Fitness Assessment: $75.00

Personal Training

One Person

30 minutes $32

60 minutes $47

Two Person

60 minutes $64


My nephews, nieces, & daughter!!


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